Queen Bee

For anyone who has ever lived under a domineering mother’s keen eye or in the shade of a sister’s perfect life, have I got a story for you. Dorothea Benton Frank, the Queen of Women’s Fiction set in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, is back with a new book, QUEEN BEE. It’s delicious. Mostly. There are no … More Queen Bee

The Background Check

In another month, parents will be packing their sons and daughters off to college. For some, it will be a new experience. My youngest, a sophomore, is transferring from a small university in urban Chicago to a bigger university in the suburban Midwest. (Reasons for this detailed in the earlier blog post, THE DICK HOUSE.) … More The Background Check

The Broken Girls

During a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I hit the Buy Two & Get A Third Book Free table of recent releases. THE BROKEN GIRLS piqued my curiosity. I mean, who doesn’t love a good ghost story and murder mystery in one? It certainly checked a lot of boxes for this reader: History Mystery … More The Broken Girls

How to Speak Condescending Hipster Douchebag Circa 2019

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the Condescending Hipster Douchebag in possession of serviceable education, must be in want of showcasing his moral and intellectual superiority… With all due respect to Jane Austin and the beginning of PRIDE & PREJUDICE, you can’t open your car door in a parking lot these days without hitting another … More How to Speak Condescending Hipster Douchebag Circa 2019

The Apple Picker

Lutherans aren’t known for being demonstrative. We don’t sway. We don’t clap. And we certainly don’t emote. Not as a rule. And then the Apple Picker was hired as our music leader. Oy vey! Picture a modern-day Fred Flintstone gyrating across the altar as he leads the band with his singing. He gesticulates wildly as if picking … More The Apple Picker