Ten Songs that Look Different in the Morning

Have you noticed how politicians, celebrities, and even our historical heroes are taking heat these days for the past? Like way-past. Twenty, thirty, forty, and even hundreds of years ago. The thick cane of political correctness is flogging the hell out of people for living according to the social norms of their time. Case in … More Ten Songs that Look Different in the Morning

Summer of ’69

Hard to believe the Summer of ’69 is but a fifty-year-old good vibe in America’s collective memory. Man walked on the moon. Woodstock. Simpler times, right? But there were also bad times. Take Vietnam–how did those parents deal with the not knowing? Without cellphones and computers, communication came via snail mail. And government officials coming … More Summer of ’69

Ten Ways to Be Kind

Are you kind? On the surface, many of us will say, “Yes, of course I am.” But what does kindness look like? Well, it doesn’t look like a majority of the exchanges on social media. Or most news reports. It doesn’t look like road rage. Or insulting others. It doesn’t look like putting yourself before … More Ten Ways to Be Kind