The Bad Daughter

What is a bad daughter? Is it that little girl who can whine you right into a wine bottle? How about that preteen princess who creates more drama than Broadway? Or the teenager who pushes your buttons to the point that yanking out your thinning, graying hair is preferable to having this argument one more time.

Of Scandals, Scarlet Letters, and the Not-So-Banal-Anal

These are strange days we are living in. On the one hand, we’ve got Hollywood preaching morality with the #metoo and The Time’s Up movements. ‘On the other, Kim Kardashian is trying to break the internet by tweeting pictures of her exposed breasts as well as her giant naked ass (no, not Kanye–I’m speaking of … More Of Scandals, Scarlet Letters, and the Not-So-Banal-Anal

Foxy Bibliophile: Almost Sisters

A sister is there to protect you… reflect you… dissect you…. and at times, drive you up the freaking wall–no poetic way around that last one. NYT Bestselling author Joshilyn Jackson is back with a new novel that touches upon the special bond between sisters and almost sisters. It’s a hoot.