Five Things I Never Thought I’d See…


Like Britney Spears, albeit an earlier vintage, I’m not that innocent. I’ve seen a bunch:

The assassinations of JFK and MLK; Vietnam; man landing on the moon; Watergate; Disco; the advent of MTV; the Reagan years; Grunge; Desert Storm; the dot-com and housing bubble; the golden years of Clinton; 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Bush years; and the celebrated New Camelot when the Obama’s came to Washington.

And now, it’s 2017 and I don’t even recognize our country anymore. And I’ll bet I’m not alone.

So in honor of the halfway point through 2017, here’s a half-year in review:


  1. This is a real billboard in my community paid for by  Our tax dollars at work, eh?



RIP Personal Responsibility. If we need billboards to remind fathers to care for their children, then what more can be said?



2.  About one hundred students at Notre Dame walked out of commencement in protest of speaker and Vice President Mike Pence. Some adults reportedly booed the action.


Love Trumps Hate? Maybe. But rudeness definitely trumps the good manners and appropriate behavior of the majority of students who did not walk out on the Vice President of the United States.

RIP pomp, circumstance and mostly, decorum. Graduation is not a place to make a statement–unless that statement is, “Hey future employers–this is what I’m going to do when I disagree with your policies at work.”



3. Late night host, Stephen Colbert, jokes that the only use for the POTUS’s mouth is as  a holster for Putin’s penis. The FCC declines to take action. Moderate outrage occurs over perceived homophobia on Colbert’s part.


RIP common decency and respect for the office of POTUS. Yes, I believe in free speech, but this is an obscenity that would not have been tolerated toward President Obama. 

Respect the office, even if you won’t respect the man.


4. American women don vagina hats and vulva costumes for the post-inauguration Women’s March. We later learn that the event was organized by convicted terrorist–Rasmiah Odeh (who has since been deported) as well as Linda Sarsour, outspoken, anti-Semitic “social justice warrior” who has ties to the terrorist organization Hamas and is rallying to bring Sharia Law to the U.S.* She was subsequently arrested outside of Trump Tower in NYC on the Day Without Women March.




RIP Common Sense. If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.


5. The heroin epidemic is killing our young adults.  More people are now dying from overdoses than from auto accidents and guns combined.  This was the sign in my community on May 19 of this year. 


RIP to the people behind the shocking statistics.

RIP to those for whom sobriety and reality was too painful to endure.

My deepest sympathies, especially, to those parents who raised their children well, and then lost them so tragically to the scourge of addiction.



Only time will tell how the rest of this year plays out. But as for me and my house? We’re going to follow a map–a very old and trusted map.

Thanks for reading. Peace be with you and yours,

Susan J. Anderson,foxy

Foxy Writer Chick


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