Freewrite Friday: Five Funky Prompts – June

Summertime and the living is starting to get easy.

But sometimes the writing is hard. So 48468616-Writer-editor-journalist-academic-thesis-paper-laptop-pop-art-retro-style-A-stack-of-documents-Offic-Stock-Vector.jpghere are five funky prompts to get your creative juices flowing.



By the time Edgar emerged from his lost weekend, he had no idea where he was…



It appeared to be some kind of primitive hieroglyphic…



¬†They weren’t from around these parts…



His face, etched deep with totems and taboos…



Smoke and mirrors don’t even begin to tell the tale…



May your muse be strong. Happy summer and thanks for stopping by,

Susan J. Anderson, Foxy Writer Chick


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