How’s Your Inner Peace Hanging?

So it’s the day after Easter–formally known as Easter Monday. We just went through the Superbowl of Christian celebrations as well as Passover for Jewish readers.

For those of you who, like me, go whole hog (apologies to readers who keep Kosher) you’ve been a worship-warrior. For those C&E’s, (Christians who only go to church on Christmas and Easter) and whatever the Jewish equivalent to a C&E is, then maybe this is the year to step it up a little.

Just the way our cars need periodic service, so do our bodies and minds. Thankfully, we have specialists to attend to those needs.

But what I’m more interested in today is spiritual. How’s your inner peace hanging?


One of my favorite traditions at this time of year is to listen to the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar which I memorized back in the seventies, and love to sing along to. (Pity those 5e76253f69f6394920372eb44848b58b.jpgwho have to listen to me sing, but that’s another story. Hopefully, it sounds beautiful to God’s ears.)

I also love to attend Easter worship, enjoy a special holiday dinner, and gift my children with baskets of chocolate goodies. I usually wind down by watching The Ten Commandments despite knowing my husband will do Yul Brenner imitations (“So it is written, so let it be done…and dead man make none“) for the next month.

But now that Easter and Passover is behind us, maybe it’s a good time to do a spiritual check up, so we keep the most critical part of ourselves on track between now and Christmas or Hanukkah.

If you haven’t checked out a church for quite some time, or you consider yourself more “New Age,” then let me ask you, “How’s your life going?”

Personally, every single time my family stopped going to church, our lives pretty much went to hell…

I’m not a stupid woman. When my life is going off the rails, I know it’s because I’ve gone astray. For us, church works. Even when we’re in a congregation where we know few people, it still is empowering to sing praise with others and listen to God’s word and encouragement in a public place. It’s quiet time and thinking time and singing time and praying aloud time and, mostly, time that strengthens the individual and the family.

That being said, back to looking within.


Consider the following ten questions. You may want to use these to develop a personal statement of faith or as a springboard for discussion with your main squeeze or even a friend or two.

What are your prayer habits? Where do you pray? How often?

When praying, do you recite memorized prayers or Bible passages or speak from the heart?

When you pray, do you remember ACTS?

  • ADORATION (Praise God for being, well, God–a God who is dialed into us and loves us);
  • CONFESSION (Talk to God about things that you have messed up–your sins–yes, even your pet sin);
  • THANKSGIVING (What are you particularly thankful for at the moment? Acknowledge the abundance He has gifted you), and;
  • SUPPLICATION (What do you need from God? This is the part most of us skip right to when we’re in trouble. Which is usually.)  

Do you read the Bible and/or other literature that strengthens your relationship with God?

Think of a time God intervened in your life? (Remember, faith in God includes faith in his timing.) What happened? 

How did you come to learn about God? 

Who was influential in your spiritual development? How so?

In what ways do you LIVE YOUR FAITH? 

Is your spiritual health is as essential as your physical, emotional, and intellectual health? 

If so, in what ways could you become stronger in your faith? 

Writing your own personal story of your faith can be an eye-opening exercise. Remember, writing is a higher-level thinking activity and will require you to truly examine your heart in composing an accurate picture of your spiritual life.

If writing is just not your bag, then have an honest talk with yourself about your walk with God, or use these questions to have a discussion with a loved one, friend, or even that person you’re not all that fond of, but who sticks to you like a piece of toilet paper on your shoe. Maybe there’s a reason they are trying to be part of your life.

You never know the difference you might make for someone else.

And isn’t that what spirituality is all about?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)foxy

Thanks for stopping by,

S.J. Anderson, Foxy Writer Chick

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4 thoughts on “How’s Your Inner Peace Hanging?

  1. Well epiphany of epiphanies. Being one the Show-Me Missouri crew and having had years of questions, as to whether God was even out there, as You know, I find myself at a point where HE may be the only answer as to why Murphy has been off my back, Cherubs are floating near the ceiling and elves are baking an abundance of cookies and assorted crackers in oak trees. A Month to the day and life is still better every morning. What can I say, Yay God!
    Ace dvc

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