Are One of These Christmas Ghosts Killing Your Holidays?

Nothing rouses anxiety and depression quite like the happiest time of the year.  According to poll by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly three-fourths of participants reported feeling more anxious or depressed during the holiday season.* But I don’t need no stinking studies to validate this data. All I have to do is … More Are One of These Christmas Ghosts Killing Your Holidays?

Who is this Jesus?

On the day we mark the birth of the Christ child, Jesus of Nazareth, here are some of the best statements made by others about our Lord and Savior as well as some of Jesus’s own words about His life and His teachings:

Touched by an Angel?

And so, I went into marriage and family putting everyone else above myself. I know I’m not alone here–any woman who adds the job title mother to her already full list of responsibilities is well aware of the sacrifices it entails to raise children.

And yet, after a lifetime of doing so, I began to feel like I didn’t matter. … More Touched by an Angel?