Free-Write Friday: Five Prompts-April

Spring is here, so get ready to flex some of your creative muscles. To prep for your writerly weekend, pick a prompt or two and free-write as a warm up or as a springboard into a new piece.

Strive to continue the dialogue, but if narrative or exposition comes calling, ride the wave.

Remember, don’t censor yourself. Write like the words are just pouring out of your pen or blasting out of your fingers as they graze across the keyboard.

“Do you come here often?”



“Can you afford not to trust me?”



“Bring the stowaway to me… A lass, you say? With attitude?”



“Thanks for the cigarette… I’m glad I finally have a chance to talk to you in private…”


“Consider yourself warned, friend…”


Best wishes for a productive, writerly weekend with your muse.

Thanks for stopping by,foxy

S.J. Anderson, Foxy Writer Chick



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