The Dirt Diet

Kristopher is a tall, muscular, sharp-dressed man with great hair. At 22, the software engineer’s future is so bright he has to wear shades. In a smart tortoiseshell frame, of course.

So early one morning last week, Kris stopped for coffee and bro-tein…er, protein at McDonald’s.

It wasn’t quite dawn and the parking lot was dark save for the flickering street lights.

Before going through the drive-thru, Kris got out of his car to fiddle with the windshield wiper. And a car rolled up.

“What’s a good looking guy like you doing out here so early?” the man in the car asked.

Kris looked toward the man in the car. He was older. Gray at the temples. And EATING A BANANA.

images (15)

Kris pulled himself up to his full 6’5″ frame and walked closer to the car. “I’m going to work,” he growled, giving the man the death stare, and poised to punch the pervert’s lights out should it have gone any further.

When Kris relayed this to me later on, I told my son that now he can say, “#metoo” (after I guffawed about the banana, of course.)

What the hell? I bet that guy keeps bunches of bananas in his car for his trolling expeditions.

cpd.jpgImagine such a police report, “What did the suspect look like?”

Well, he was older. Neat and thin. And eating a banana.”

Still, laughs aside, Kris’s experience typifies the times we live in. They are dangerous.

Now, I’m sure there are some who will defend the banana-eater’s right to hit on any apple-of-his-eye at any time and any place. It’s become a mad, mad world.  A world where good is now decried as evil and evil is now magnified as good.

As September wraps, consider how we’ve just observed the 17th anniversary of 9/11 and the 6th anniversary of the Benghazi attack. Consider how this country has changed since those events.

The Zeitgeist of the Day is pretty much summed up in this NYT mock-up below:


Funny? Not so much. Offensive? Depends on the eye of the beholder. Spot-on? Yup.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit the solemn date filled me with a feeling of sad foreboding. Especially in light of current events and Biblical prophecy.

And so I’m thinking I need a break from the media. The 24/7 negativity is getting to me.

I’m going to go on a Dirt Diet for a couple weeks…

I’ll check my Weather Channel app and I’ll still watch The 700 Club which presents the news through a Christian worldview.

As for Facebook? It’s hard for me to keep from checking in–especially with the phone app so handy and all.

But truthfully, much of it really just gets me worked up and, later, down in the dumps. Especially given that the news feed rarely lets me see my friends–instead, I see mostly politically oriented “news” pages posting the sky is falling…the sky is falling…

So it’s time for me re-focus.

In the 3000+ year-old words of King David to God, “Keep me from paying attention to what is worthless.” (Psalm 119:37)

Yes, indeed. David was on to something.

I need to take my focus off the news.

It’s the only thing I can think to do to keep myself from getting so worked up that I’m swearing at the television, or worse, slipping into the blue robe.

download (5)

Especially given how the mainstream media has re-framed its position of informing consumers of the news to its new mission-statement of fomenting dissension among us.

Even the local bobble-heads read inflammatory rhetoric off their teleprompters as they deliver the “news.”

That’s because journalistic integrity has slipped down the mountain of impartiality into the muck of partisan shit-slinging.

Case in point, earlier this month when the NYT published an anonymous article slamming the Trump administration from the inside out, then that publication is no better than the National Enquirer.

The New York Times might as well call itself The National Distortionist. 

And that’s a pity.  Worse than a perv with a banana and a penchant for young men.


And yes, I just went there.

Damn to hell the P.C. Police–some things just aren’t right.

Thanks for reading!


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick



8 thoughts on “The Dirt Diet

  1. Sad. It used to be you only had to worry about your daughters. Now as mothers we have to worry about everyone! As for the politics – I’m fed up. The lies, the spin, the finger pointing and mud-slinging all cause me disgust. I have stopped watching the news and reading FB or any of the internet news outlets. Now I just listen to NPR in the car on my way to work….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got that, murisopsis! I never worried about my boys that way, but hey, now I know better. Last night, my 18 yr. old college freshman called from college. He said he was skating back to campus from the Target (Chicago) and a homeless guyh tried to get him to go around the corner of a building to “help him get his coat.” My son said he skated the heck out of there pronto. Good Lord! I guess I have good looking sons. Ha! As for the news, really trying to stay away from it. Especially the big networks. Ugh. Can’t even watch the Today Show anymore. The other night, I watched 60 Minutes and enjoyed seeing an hour long “news magazine” in which I learned about how the Dutch have thwarted flooding, all about an award-winning photographer, etc. among other things–and best of all, nothing political. Lovely. But getting far more rare. Sigh.


      1. keep trying, eventually you’ll stop. and don’t worry, when something big happens people will feel obliged to tell you whether you want to know or not. so, you’ll still know, just second hand – and it’s much better when the news get filtered down.

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