Freewrite Friday – October 2017

sizedimageLike Asimov, writing, to me, is thinking through my fingers. But sometimes the old fingers are rusty, so I need a visual prompt to help me on my way.

This month’s prompts feature various means of conveyance to help you on your way. Choose one or more as a vehicle…a springboard to a story or just something to help you warm up the writer’s muse.

There’s no right or wrong way to go…just glory in the freedom to express yourself.

Feel free to use the story starters provided, or just start with the picture for your inspiration.


It moved its riders singularly through the time/space continuum while those who were left behind wondered what would become of them…



Not even the King or High Priests could tell the people what it was or where it came from…




The pink bicycle was cute. But the cowboy boots were killer…




Nobody knew how the Edith E came to rest so far from the sea, but everyone knew enough to stay clear of the boat that had become an albatross to the village…



This was no ordinary book…



Best wishes for a productive autumn of writing. May your muse be ever vivid!foxy


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick



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