One Year Blogging Anniversary

A couple summers ago, after teaching English and creative writing for years, I was finally able to put down my teacher’s briefcase and dedicate myself to writing full-time, writing-womanas I had always longed to do.

So last September, I went to a writer’s conference that opened my eyes as to what I needed to do to get up to speed on the technical side of marketing myself as a writer. (I earned my master’s in professional writing in 1996–and baby, things have changed while I spent the last couple decades wiping butt at home and kicking ass at work.)

Anyway, among other things, conference presenters urged the writers in attendance to dip their toes into the blogosphere.

And now a year has passed since I started blogging…

What have I learned about the blogging world?3563453

  1. Blogging is extremely time consuming.
  2. When you begin, you’re not sure anyone is reading a thing you are writing.
  3. There are kind people out there–bloggers who will find you and support you.
  4. There are bloggers out there who will ignore you even if you send them a message or post a comment on their blog.
  5. When you are as Type-A as I am, you let the blog consume your schedule, even though you know you shouldn’t.

What questions do I have about blogging?


  1. Is all of the time I’m investing worth the limited readership I am gaining?
  2. Is this blog taking me away from time I should be writing and submitting short stories, poems, and most importantly my novel?
  3. Am I just yelling into a hole?
  4. Do prospective agents really care about a writer’s blogging habits and followers? Especially if she has an engaging, marketable manuscript?
  5. Would my writing career be better served if I blogged less and submitted more short pieces?

What are some blogging ups and downs?

  1. Just when I am ready to say, “Forget it,” a reader sends me a note telling me how I love this post!much they connected to one of my posts, or a new follower or two shows up in my inbox.
  2. Having an editorial calendar and working ahead frees up blocks of time for me to write my novel. But the blog is still in the back of my mind. Like a blister on one’s heel. Nagging. “I’m here…pay attention to me…”
  3. I may, in fact, be yelling into a hole, but the blog magically transforms my voice into cement. Permanent.
  4. I can figure out technology and use it as a writer along with the most tech-savvy of millennials. (The sound you are hearing right now is me thumping my chest and belting out a Tarzan yell)
  5. Some people are just not interested in reading your blog. They may call themselves your friends or relatives, but reading a post is…well, meh… Thankfully, there are other literate people around the globe who will read you and respond frequently, so you know you’re not just yelling into a hole. Most days anyway.



The future of my blog remains to be seen, but for right now, I’m in it.

I promise not to be inane, or rambling, or to rarely update.

Thank you, dear readers, for your support and comments and likes and follows. You have proven that a second act is not only possible–it’s a done deal.foxy


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick



23 thoughts on “One Year Blogging Anniversary

  1. Another great post, Susan. I am in the process of writing a book as well, and I’ve been told that you need a media presence to appeal to publishers. I am media-averse except for the occasional blog post. So I’m in the same boat — should I waste time posting photos of my lunch to no one on Instagram? Wouldn’t that time be better spent actually making my deadlines? You figure it out, please, and then let me know. ; )

    Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary!

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    1. Thanks, Shawna Rae! I hear that the media presence is more important for a writer of nonfiction. Makes sense–if you’re an expert on your topic, they want to know your experience/platform.

      Fiction, so I heard from an agent at a writing conference, not as important. Write a great book and the industry gatekeepers will want it. But the trick is writing a great book…

      I feel you on the Instagram lunch pics. I feel that way with Twitter and FB, too. Besides, my Twitter and FB feeds have gotten so political of late, I can’t stand to even look at them. Plus, it is a major time suck.

      What’s a writer to do? I guess we just need to write and not get too distracted by all the noise. 🙂

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      1. I’m writing memoir/non-fiction, but I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, but you’re right — what I need to do is not get too distracted by all the noise. I will take this advice to heart because it was exactly what I needed to hear.
        Thank you!!!

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  2. I give you a lot of credit for the self discipline and commitment to your blog. I love reading your posts. They are always relevant and make me smile and laugh! You have a gift. I sincerely feel that you will be discovered and profit from your talent.


  3. I’ve asked the same questions you have, and I know what you mean about that encouraging comment or the new follower coming at the right time. My struggle was balancing a full-time job, two writer’s groups, creating a weekly blog entry, maintaining relationships, and working on my novel. My novel kept getting the least amount of time, so I cut back to blogging bi-monthly and that freed up more of my designated writing time. I’m not saying, “blog less,” but I wanted to let you know what worked for me.

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    1. I’m with you, Katie! I am definitely going to cut back to blogging only once a week instead of twice a week once the new year begins. (I am so anal, all my posts are written and scheduled through the first of the year.) I don’t know how you maintain two writer’s groups. I get together with my writer-friend once a month at best. Bottom line, I need to put more time into my novel writing. Thanks for your advice and support! 🙂

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  4. Great post! Congratulations on reaching one year, I’ve just reached one month. I love interacting with other bloggers and find the whole community incredibly supportive. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? (She says through gritted teeth).

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