Inconsiderate Cell Phone Person

Ten years ago, a commercial ran about a guy we all know:

Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man. mobile-phone-theatre-700x455

Well, damn if he isn’t back.

And he’s got the SPEAKER PHONE turned ON.

Give me the strength.

It’s bad enough that a lot of people speak in loud, clarion tones while on their cell phones…

Speaker-phone only compounds the problem.

Now we’re unwittingly stuck in the middle of a three-way. D430_2_120_0004_600

Case in point:

The other day, while having lunch out, the woman in the next booth spoke on SPEAKER PHONE to:

A. Her doctor’s office, then

B. Her pharmacist, and then

C. An incoming call came through where she had to explain how she was talking to her pharmacist because her prescription was put back due to her failure to pick it up from the store in a timely manner.

Good Lord, I now know more about Speaker Phone Phony than I ever wanted to.

A. I know her full name.

B. I know what medicine she’s on.

C. I know her doctor’s name.

D. I know she lackadaisical about picking up her meds, and oh–

E. I know her friend’s name is Judy.

You know, it occurred to me that public cell phone usage is becoming more than just a nuisance.

It’s akin to the way nonsmokers must have felt thirty years ago when smokers owned the world. Cough. Cough. And then they were banished to the Great Outdoors.

Is it time to similarly banish inconsiderate cell phone people? On the other hand, that would make the Great Outdoors not so great.

hqdefault (3).jpg

Where’s Dear AbbyEmily Post, and Anne Landers when you need them? Can someone please get them on the phone? Conference call. On speaker.

Thanks for reading.


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick


6 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Cell Phone Person

  1. Haha!! I had an experience similar: A woman was sitting next to me on a bench and she said loudly and very clearly “Excuse me!” I looked over and realized she was cramped where upon I responded by moving over a tad and saying I’m sorry. Then she said something like, “there are rue and inconsiderate people everywhere these days” where I responded an affirmative and commented that it was so crowded that maybe she’d have a little more room if she put one of her bags on the floor under the seat. Anyway seems she wasn’t talking to me but having a bluetooth conversation. She pointed this out to me in a rude way… I think we should all join in the conversations since it is obvious they are not private and maybe we can all be “helpful” to resolve their medical, romantic, financial, and personal dramas! (or is that just evil?? she asks with wide-eyed innocence)

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    1. LMAO! Not evil in the least. That woman though is another story. I think we do need to start insinuating ourselves into these public conversations. If the caller wants privacy, stop making your life our business.


  2. I work in grocery stores and when people come through the aisles talking on speakerphone I get loud and rude and say the strangest things out loud as if I was talking to somebody else or I just start singing off key.

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  3. What was she trying to do? Keep her conversation hands free so she could continue to eat? Too much information and it disturbs the peace others seek while trying to relax and enjoy their meal.

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