Foxy Bibliophile: Historical Edition

Feeling like a blast from the past while you hole up in the house this winter? The first is as eerie as the latter is sweet.


Both will make you glad you live in the 21st Century. The past may be intriguing, but there’s something to be said for modern conveniences.

THE RECKONING AT GOSSAMER POND by Jamie Jo Wright. Bethany House Publishing, Minnesota, 2018. 347 pages.

Small town life may seem ideal, especially for those of us who don’t live in one. But secrets simmer and fester in even the most innocent places.

And sometimes the present mirrors a parallel past. After all, even the Bible tells us that the sins of the father will 51zNd62bJIL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgimpact the generations that follow. (Cue the Twilight Zone music.)

When Gossamer Grove’s strange old hermit dies and leaves his dilapidated trailer home to virtual stranger Annalise Forsythe, she is dismayed to find the man has been collecting her photographs (among other things) from childhood through her young womanhood.

Creepy? Sure enough.

What can it mean? Plus, the dead man has left behind vintage obituaries and old revival posters from an earlier time in Gossamer Grove.

A year where another young woman is thrown into an equally creepy mystery.

A century earlier, Libby Sheffield is working at her father’s newspaper office when a series of obituaries are mysteriously delivered. The problem? The people for whom the obituaries are written are alive. But not for long.

There’s a reckoning at hand. And just in time for strange twin revivalists to take Gossamer Grove by storm.

Can Libby stop the next death from happening?

And what about Annalise?

Both young women must piece together the clues in their own respective mysteries, each linked across the time-space continuum, each joined by their roots in Gossamer Grove.

At times, the giant cast of characters flipping between centuries got a bit confusing, but overall, it was a fast, fun read.

Times may change, but human nature remains the same. Flawed indeed.

Foxy Rating Guide – Four out of Five Foxes


The second historical novel I recently read is Lauraine Snelling’s third book in her “Under Northern Skies” series.

A SEASON OF GRACE by Lauraine Snelling. Bethany House Publishing, Minnesota. November, 2018. 311 pages.

Ms. Snelling is the accomplished author of over 70 books. #lifegoals. You go, Lauraine!

In A SEASON OF GRACE, Snelling picks up after the first two books in the series, THE PROMISE OF DAWN and A BREATH OF HOPE.

Nilda Carlson has emigrated to the United States from Norway and although life is a 51C2qyG-f5L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_struggle, all of her dreams seem to be coming true.

A hard-working member contributing to the day-to-day survival of her family’s farm in rural northern Minnesota, Nilda rolls up her sleeves and gets to it. No complaints.

Several young men have their eyes on Nilda. There aren’t that many eligible young women around the farm town, and Nilda is quite lovely, both inside and out.

But when Nilda gets an opportunity to work for a well-to-do benefactress and businesswoman in the much more sophisticated town of Blackduck, suddenly it seems Nilda’s life is opening up in ways Nilda could never have imagined. Especially when she gets to take a business trip to the Twin Cities.

Life is nearly perfect, except for one problem. The young man who tried to rape Nilda back in Norway has arrived in Blackduck. And he’s quite the hit with the ladies in town as well as Nilda’s employer.

Has the man changed or is Nilda still in danger?

This book will make you glad you live in the 21st century. Snelling makes the reader realize how every waking moment of our great grandparents lives were spent in survival mode. You will have a new respect for those who came before you.

I didn’t read the first book of the series but came into it with the second one. Each book can stand alone or one can choose to read them in or out of order.

This was a fast read. It’s the kind of book you can share with your grandmother. It is wholesome reading but not at all out-of-touch with the evil that lurks in some men’s hearts.

Foxy Rating Scale – Five out of Five Foxes


Happy reading, friend! History rocks.


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick

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