Auld Lang Syne or See Ya Later, Sucker?

Maybe Guy Lombardo’s hit song, “Auld Lang Syne” was better back in the 1920’s than today…think about it–we need massive quantities of alcohol to bring us to sing the dog, and even so, we can barely remember the lyrics. 

I mean, who really needs a song celebrating the fair-weather friends who come and go in our lives. 

Yeah, those folks. They beat you, bit you, hurt you, and made you write bad checks, but let’s raise a glass and remember them fondly.


Is that really what we’re singing? Judge for yourself. Here’s the song’s English translation:


Since when is it admirable to forget about people who were once important in our lives? And then, according to the last stanza, if you do run into each other, you’ll toast but won’t even treat each other to a round?

Well, maybe it’s just an honest treatise on the nature of most friendships.

It’s not like we’re doing any better in the 21st Century.

We all have more friends these days than we can count. But few, if any, are real.

m_10123736_9lANAVbZF7a0.jpgLike the woman I’ve known since 4th grade who never, never spoke to me throughout school, but nevertheless sent me a Facebook friend request.

Or others who as children at my side “paddled in the stream from noon til dine” but now have no real interest in anything more than an occasional Facebook like or comment.

That’s cool. At least I know where I stand. And it’s not at a bar on New Year’s Eve drinking a toast to any of them.

That being said, for 2019, how about focusing more on the people who still stand with us in the trenches of life?

The grass isn’t always greener–although if one is to believe social media, everyone else is enjoying great lives, vacations, access to a money tree, passionate love affairs, perfect children, and absolutely NO dysfunction.

Yeah, right. Social media is a giant mirage. Enjoy the cat videos, the trending memes, and the new pics of your friends’ kids, but other than that, don’t believe a damn thing you read or even see.

Like a wise man once told me, it’s not always what it seems.

What you can believe in is that if you arrive at your grave and are able to count your true friends on the fingers of one hand, you are blessed indeed.

Here’s to toasting those people who have stuck to you like flypaper through all the days of your life. 

Happy New Year and God bless you and yours!


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick

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