Missing In Action

Ya’ll got any more of them manners? Because we surely haven’t seen them around as late.


Case in point, a few years ago, a young lady who lived on my street was dating a young man who had been in my senior English class the year before.

Every time that young man rolled up to her house in his little tuner-car, he blew the horn for her.


And she actually came running. OMG!

My father would have told her, “You’re not a dog. You don’t run when a man comes honking.” 

Not sure why her father didn’t tell her she was worth more than a drive-by.

To be fair though, I’m sure men are a bit confused these days. They don’t know if their efforts at chivalry and traditional manners will be appreciated or scorned.

It’s become a mad, mad world with a lot of volume. A lot of screaming.

Over the last year, we’ve seen politicians and civil servants run out of public restaurants just because they exist. And despite CNN’s refusal to use the M-word, it has been a MOB scene of yelling and abuse.

And it’s not just famous people on the receiving end of such assholishness.

How many cases of road rage do you see a year?

How about the rudeness of people in stores and restaurants?


You know what? I’m going to go out on a limb here and ask if the level of rudeness and aggression in our society has anything to do with our nation turning away from its underlying faith in God.

Now, before you leave nasty comments–hear me out, please.


As a high school English teacher, I can tell you that most of my students did not “get” biblical allusions in literature.

They had no background in anything biblical.

When I asked if any of them went to Sunday school, I got mostly blank faces.

It seems a whole generation of students have come up with the old testament of Cartoon Network, the gospel according to Nickelodeon, and the epistle of Sunday morning rec sports.

How about all the weddings you’ve attended, either in person or vicariously through social media? Do they usually take place in a church where the couple are active members? Or is a secular site more often chosen?

Sure, people can worship God anywhere–not just church.

But worshiping with others on a regular basis and hearing the word of God strengthens one’s faith the way regular attendance at the gym strengthens your muscles.

Quite frankly, when we take God out of our lives, things go to hell. Plain and simple.

I would love to cling to the belief that most people actually wish to live in a civil society, rather than one in which personal attacks, affronts, outrage, and ignorance are norm.

But my experience of late tells me otherwise.


Choose your armor wisely, friends.



Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick


2 thoughts on “Missing In Action

  1. Perfectly said Fox. I drive by a rec. field on my way to Sunday Worship. Hundreds of people with tents and chairs watching children and adults playing sports.
    Fox on!🦊

    Liked by 2 people

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