Foxy Writing Prompts ~April #creativity

With spring on the horizon, time to get a spring back in your writing step. Here are three prompts for freewriting. Maybe one will rejuvenate you, or help you launch a new story. download

Remember, no editing. No inner critic. Just balls to the wall. Let your freak flag fly.

If a genie had appeared at that very minute, Alastair would have wished…



When their mother finally collapsed from exhaustion, Esme and Ella snuck out of the house…



This time, the reptiles managed to survive the end of the world…



Thanks for stopping by and happy writing!


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick

One thought on “Foxy Writing Prompts ~April #creativity

  1. Thanks for reminding me that writing is supposed to fun. I’m so caught up in the idea of it being work that I’ve sucked the fun right out of it. My first thought was, I can’t waste time writing about these prompts because I have to save all writing time for “work.” See what I mean?

    Time to re-read The Artist’s Way. 😀


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