Foxy Bibliophile: The Paradigm

There’s a popular saying, “Everything old is new again.” Perhaps that has something to do with paradigms.

A paradigm is a model, template, archetype or blueprint. But where did the paradigm come from in the first place?

According to author, Messianic Rabbi, Pastor and Biblical scholar, Jonathan Cahn, biblical history from over three-thousand years ago has repeated here in the United States during this generation–particularly since the 1990’s. BN-UD304_howdal_GR_20170705124040

But how could ancient rulers from the northern kingdom of Israel/Samaria be linked to the United States?

It all begins with the A-Word: APOSTASY


The title is linked to Amazon and spoilers are already on the street. History has happened. This book simply frames it in a way most readers will not have considered.

THE PARADIGM: THE ANCIENT BLUEPRINT THAT HOLDS THE MYSTERY OF OUR TIMES by Jonathan Cahn. Frontline Press, Florida. September 2017. 255 pages.

The Paradigm sets up the parallel between ancient Israel’s fall into apostasy with contemporary America’s descent into apostasy.The-Paradigm-4-25C

It’s no secret the number of professing, practicing Christians in America is shrinking. Folks who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Meticulously researched and documented, Cahn lays out each facet of the ancient paradigm and its players and then compares it to the current events that fulfill the paradigm and its modern counterparts–those players who completely fill the sandals of their ancient predecessors.

What happens in an ancient vineyard, later repeats in Washington, D.C.

What occurs in the palace of a king, later repeats in the White House.

Ready for a mind-blow? Cahn is able to pinpoint down to the exact time the parallel between the ancient and the modern.

Did the Old Testament predict 9/11? It surely did. And history bore it out.

How about the election and rise to power of our modern leaders? Clinton–both Bill and Hillary, Bush, Obama and even Trump? Yup. All foretold with parallel figures in the Old Testament–leaders who served the exact length of terms as our leaders (incredible, since ancient kings ascended the throne via death and not elections.)

And here’s a fun fact: Many Americans may not know it, but they are modern-day worshipers of the ancient satanic-god, Baal. Read Cahn’s documented historical accounts of current events, then cross-reference the Bible if you have any doubts.


I know this is the kind of book that will make some people upset. But Cahn uses the politicians’ own words to prove their parallels to the paradigm. To history. To Scripture. He reports the facts in a scholarly manner complete with references. This book contains NO libel.

Facts. Just the facts.

That being said, THE PARADIGM is an important book. It’s like a giant alarm clock ringing and telling us of the danger of apostasy in these days of late.

THE PARADIGM is the kind of book I want to buy and give out to the people I love the most. For the people in my life who study God’s word, and also for the people who are backsliding and slip-sliding into apostasy. Read Cahn. But moreover, read the Bible. And read the signs.

I wish you all the blessings of a new year. God bless you and yours.


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick


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