Freewrite Friday – July 2017

It’s midsummer madness and the heat is on. Here’s five prompts to get your creative juices flowing while you dab the sweat off your brow or wait out the heat of the day in an air-conditioned sanctuary–be it home or the local coffee joint.


Remember, the point of free-writing is to just have at it without a second thought. Use the prompt(s) as a springboard and see what comes of it. Maybe your next idea for a short story or a poem. Maybe a character will arise from the page and nag at you to give it a role in your next novel.

She had to go. She just didn’t realize when. Or how.




He was a stranger in a foreign land…


“And the spell can only be broken when…”


“Should not have eaten those mushrooms…”



He left her the only thing she would understand. In the only place she would look.


Happy Summer Wordsmiths!

Susan J. Anderson foxy

Foxy Writer Chick

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