A Dirty Book is Rarely Dusty

I may be a grown-ass woman, but I have the sense of humor of a fourteen year-old boy.
So when the church book club chose Jonathan Tropper’s THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU, I decided to give the club a go, especially after reading the hilarious opening chapters.

In short, a man comes home from work to surprise his wife on her birthday with a cake. It is he who is surprised, however, to find his obnoxious, Will Farrell-esque boss enthusiastically schtooping his wife. Everything goes slow-mo as the protagonist renders a play-by-play analysis of the sex act between his boss and wife, culminating in an explosive finish involving said cake.

I’ve always known Lutheran church ladies to be pretty conservative, but if this is typical of the book club’s selections, count me in.

I emailed the leader of the book club to let her know I was enjoying the book, and that I would be joining them.

The next day, a mass mea culpa email went out. After fielding some complaints, the leader started reading the book for the first time, and was embarrassed. She went on to say that one person actually emailed her and said she was really enjoying it. My bad.

Yes, I’m a Christian and yes, I loved an awkward sex scene written to perfection in a novel. Will I be banned from the book club? Excommunicated? Sent packing with my best potluck recipe for Minnesota-hotdish?

I girded my loins and attended my first meeting of the book club prepared to defend the book. Turns out, most there thought it was really funny as well, and on-point in its themes and characterization. (Turned out, the complainers weren’t even in the book club.)

The take away here is two-fold:
1. If something morally offends you, don’t read/watch/look/listen/taste/touch or inhale it.
2. Consider the words of Bette Davis, “Sex is God’s joke on human beings.” How sad not to be able to laugh about it.

This is where I leave you. For now.

This Is Where I Leave You Film Tease


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