Queen Bee

For anyone who has ever lived under a domineering mother’s keen eye or in the shade of a sister’s perfect life, have I got a story for you. Dorothea Benton Frank, the Queen of Women’s Fiction set in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, is back with a new book, QUEEN BEE. It’s delicious. Mostly. There are no … More Queen Bee


SNAFU is a military acronym for Situation Normal: All Fouled Up. In other words, a perfect descriptor for day-to-day life. A couple weeks ago, my college-aged son invited nine of his closest friends over for the weekend. Yeah, you read that correctly. NINE. WTH? These would become our first official overnight guests in our new … More SNAFU

Are One of These Christmas Ghosts Killing Your Holidays?

Nothing rouses anxiety and depression quite like the happiest time of the year.  According to poll by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly three-fourths of participants reported feeling more anxious or depressed during the holiday season.* But I don’t need no stinking studies to validate this data. All I have to do is … More Are One of These Christmas Ghosts Killing Your Holidays?

Foxy Bibliophile: Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners

For those of you who are tired and weary from decking the halls and playing Santa, I’ve got just the book to lighten your load. It’s a debut novel by up-and-coming author Gretchen Anthony and it’s a rip. EVERGREEN TIDINGS FROM THE BAUMGARTNERS by Gretchen Anthony. Park Row Books, New York. October 2018. 356 pages. … More Foxy Bibliophile: Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners

Foxy Bibliophile: Almost Sisters

A sister is there to protect you… reflect you… dissect you…. and at times, drive you up the freaking wall–no poetic way around that last one. NYT Bestselling author Joshilyn Jackson is back with a new novel that touches upon the special bond between sisters and almost sisters. It’s a hoot.