No Joking…Not a Tee, a Hee, or a Ha!

WTF America? As a nation, we have lost our sense of humor. Any of the following sound familiar? Bosses who are politically motivated. Henchmen from Human Resources. A P.C. culture run amok. Perceived threats of litigation looming like boogie-men—er, my bad–boogie persons instilling lower-level supervisors with paranoia. Self-aggrandizing middle-management. Dr. Evil behind every corner. No, … More No Joking…Not a Tee, a Hee, or a Ha!

The Bluff-Meister

Jason Meister was a fat kid. But he had a way about him–an air of authority at a public high school with an in-house probation officer and a student-body mean-GPA flat-lining in the low D range. Nobody messed with Jason–not even the seniors. He was in my sophomore English class–the one that met during third … More The Bluff-Meister