Shouting Into the Ether


I’ve watched more Dr. Phil episodes than I should probably admit. I used to enjoy watching him help people with their problems.

I never even minded when he used his platform to promote his books through the years because it was all in the name of health and healing.

But then the good doctor started promoting his son, Jay’s publishing company, Bird Street CzFlMDmWEAA5rRIBooks, and his wife Robin’s beauty products company, and also Boots No. 7 anti-aging products.

Since I’m not one of the audience members going home with free products, I’m not especially keen on listening to the sales pitch during the last 15 minutes of his shows.

This past season (now in rebroadcasts for the summer) Dr. Phil promoted Coach Mike, founder of the CAST Centers, who has also published a book on becoming your best self.

Every single episode where Dr. Phil can work Coach Mike in as his expert resource, you bet you’re going to see the enthusiastic former-junkie-turned-personal-development-coach-extraordinaire. (Buy his book! Get help at the CAST Center!)

Plus, Dr. Phil is now promoting his new podcast, Phil in the Blanks.

Because the TV drama Bull (based on Phil’s pre-TV-stardom life), Dr. Phil marathons on the OWN Network, and the current season of Dr. Phil on CBS is just not enough Dr. Phil. We need more Phil. We need him on podcasts.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Especially since Dr. Phil is only one small corner of the universe deafening us with pitches.

Reminds me of when a friend invited me to a ladies-who-lunch meeting at a hoity-toity bistro in town.

Never one to turn down lunch, I agreed.

Somewhere between the social hour and the food hitting the table, though, it turned into a meeting where each member got up and promoted her “service.”

I’ve never seen so many women offering to balance my chakras or coach me through the sticky wickets that is life for tidy sums of money. Ugh.

I had to keep such a tight grip on my purse strings with those manipulative jackals, I could hardly get through my soup and salad.

And what about social media. Is it even social anymore?


Take Twitter for instance. Wade in and find a steady stream of self-promotion.

You have a dream?

I guarantee people will offer services that you will need to achieve your dream–no, you really do. I swear.

Given that I’m in the writing game, I see a concentration of services geared toward aspiring authors along with a deep river of self-published titles all screaming for attention.

And now many of these are making their way into my email feed. I guess by virtue of subscribing to writing magazines, every huckster out there wants a piece of me.

How about YouTube?

As a result of the Celebrity College Admissions Scandal, many of us learned how the kids of celebrities are offered lucrative deals to promote vacations and products. Is it YouTube or YouBuy?

Everyone is shouting into the ether to get our hard-earned dollars.

And it must be working for them, too.

After all, there’s a sucker born every minute.



Be vigilant but keep smiling, friends.


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick

2 thoughts on “Shouting Into the Ether

  1. I own a small business. I get email offers to help file paperwork with government agencies. Very expensive help. I hate the emails. Leave me alone.

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