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If I earned a dollar each time I heard, “You’re a writer? I’ve always wanted to write a book,” I’d be living in a better house, driving a newer vehicle than my 2012 Mom-Mobile, and vacationing in exotic locales every year.

Instead, this common statement both peeves and amuses me…freelancer-staying-organized

It peeves because I’m laboring away on my novel, my blog, and occasional short pieces I sell here and there, well aware not everyone can earn a living from writing fiction, but determined to crack that nut–with God’s help, of course.

It amuses  me since this statement invariably comes from folks who haven’t touched anything literary since high school–and even then they only tippy-toed through Cliff’s Notes. Sigh.

But this book isn’t a guide to writing fiction. It isn’t a primer on becoming literary. Nope. WRITE YOUR BOOK IN A FLASH is a guide for anyone who has a great idea, a business to promote, a brand to sell, or leadership to offer.

Title is linked to publisher:  Publisher’s Link is Here

WRITE YOUR BOOK IN A FLASH: The Paint-by-Numbers System to Write the Book of Your Dreams–Fast! Dan Janal. TCK Publishing, 2018. 175 pages.

Businessperson and journalist Dan Janal offers a crash course in his latest book to folks who are interested in offering their experience and wisdom to others by publishing a nonfiction book in their area of expertise.

But what kind of nonfiction book might one consider writing?51vNaBIPtXL._SY346_

Because we all have different strengths, there are a number of genres within nonfiction the a savvy businessperson might consider: Legacy/Memoir, Tools of the Trade, Visionary/Manifesto, Proof of a Hypothesis, How-To, The Process (Research-based), Training, Fictional Application of Business Principles, and Inspirational/Motivational.

For any of these, Dan Janal offers guidance in developing one’s idea from the big picture to specific content.

The trick here is than Janal offers an organizational system to enable business leaders to move from ambiguity to a foolproof plan for implementing one’s vision. It’s no surprise to me that Janal is a proponent of the outline.

As a planner myself, I can attest to the value of a sound outline. With an outline, a person can make a long journey one small step at a time. Janal guides the aspiring writer through the outline from soup to nuts.

But any aspiring writer will need actual meat on the bones of his or her skeleton outline. Janal provides sound instruction on fleshing it all out with research, anecdotes, and the front & back matter.

Finally, Dan Janal guides the aspiring writer through the process of editing and revising, although it must be noted that this book will not offer technical guidance on grammar. Instead, this book guides and motivates the businessperson through the writing process in an expiditious manner.

WRITE YOUR BOOK IN A FLASH delivers what it promises in its title. It provides exercises to apply the skills and instruction. If you’ve got a business or brand to promote and you’re looking for motivation and a strategy to write a book that will do just that, this book is for you.

If you follow through with Dan Janal’s plan and produce a book, then your next step will be seeking publication or going the indie-pub route. If you are so inclined, Janal offers coaching, editing and writing services as well. There are many ways for the prospective author to proceed, but before you can market, you must produce.

This book will get you there.

I’m planning on sharing Dan Janal’s book with my entrepreneur son who, with this manual, could well follow his mother’s path and write his way to his dreams.

Maybe that’s you, too.

For more information, check out these links:



Dan’s Twitter

Happy reading! Happy writing!


Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick



5 thoughts on “Foxy Bibliophile: Write Your Book in a Flash

  1. Don’t ‘they’ say everyone has one book in them, very few can do more than that, I love writing, that’s why I started my blog, but a book? don’t think so, I know my limitations! well…. maybe as cook book with my mums recipes! xx


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