The Foxy Bibliophile – September 2017

7b8a5b9eea3423996e9000493bd4984a.jpgEver read a book that you loved and then returned to reread many years later? It’s like going home to comfort and warmth of an old friend.

As an English teacher, I had this experience with many classics that I read as a kid, and then reread and taught every year. Same books. Six classes. Year after year. Yawn.

But this was different. This was a personal book. A book I loved. A book that was a religious experience for me.

Earlier this summer, after current events compelled me to renew my interest in Bible prophecy, I had the pleasure of reading an old friend as well as a current book on the same topic.

Both books address current events in light of biblical prophecy–one published forty-seven years ago, and the other published in October of 2016. Both titles are linked to Amazon. And of course, there are no spoilers ahead–except to say, GO WITH GOD.

On to the first title:

THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH by Hal Lindsey, Zondervan, 1970. 191 pages.

Back in the 1970’s when I was just a girl, Hal Lindsey’s groundbreaking nonfiction book became and remained the number one bestseller for the decade.

My dad gave me my first copy of the book which, although just a young teen, I read, 51fHBOaUvJL.jpghighlighted, cross-referenced with the Bible, and cherished.

THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH was scary reading for someone who hoped to live to be, well, my age now at least.

Lindsey never makes predictions as to when World War III, or Armageddon, will occur. He simply lays out the Scripture and compares current (to the publication of his book) events to what the Bible says.

What’s most fascinating to this reader is Lindsey’s learned wisdom in presenting the genealogy laid out in the book of Genesis and how it relates to the people/races/nations of today’s world.

It is uncanny how spot-on the Old Testament prophecies are in terms of Russia, Europe, Africa, Egypt, China and the Orient, and of course, the Middle East and Israel’s place in it.

Since the book was published in 1970, some of the pop-culture and news references are dated to that period, but it still stands the test of time.

Because it’s based on the Bible. And that book has truly stood as God’s word for all time.

To this reader, it’s as if Daniel (of the Lion’s Den) and Ezekiel had access to today’s 24/7 media when they penned Scripture–that’s how torn from the headlines much of this reads.

This book would make a great companion to the next book I’m reviewing. If you are interested in Bible prophecy, I think I would read IS THIS THE END? before LATE GREAT since it is even more timely to readers watching ISIS gaining momentum, threats from North Korea, Russia’s relevance in the headlines, the European Union, the United States losing ground as the leader of the Free World, etc.

The second book I read this month is:

People are Asking: IS THIS THE END? Signs of God’s Providence in a Disturbing New World by Dr. David Jeremiah, Thomas Nelson, 2016. 240 pages.

This #1 New York Times Bestseller caught my eye on the New Release shelf of the public library, but as I started reading this, I knew I needed to buy a copy for myself, so I did. I wanted to highlight and share this book with my family and loved ones. It’s that important.


Dr. David Jeremiah has an international ministry, a CV of fifty-plus published books, and is still the senior pastor of a church in San Diego. I am his newest fan.

But even with such credentials, it is upon each and every Christian to determine the credibility of an “expert.”

from 1 John 4:

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.

Dr. Jeremiah divides the text into two sections of five chapters each. The first section explores the question: IS THIS THE END FOR AMERICA?

Certainly many of us have wondered this given the unprecedented times we live in. Times where anything goes–except morality.

Times when our borders are wide open and anyone at all concerned about it is labeled intolerant bigots.

And speaking of intolerance–we live in times when there is an increase in intolerance and a general apathy toward all things this country once stood for and upon.

The text also outlines a remedy for these times in revival, and provides the reader with a historical perspective on such a concept.

But is it too late for us. Is this really a late, great planet earth?

Part II of Jeremiah’s text asks, IS THIS THE END FOR THE WORLD?

The author addresses Israel’s precarious position co-existing in a Middle East that would prefer it wiped from the face of the earth. How more and more nations are taking sides against it. Even the U.S. before President Trump was elected.

Jeremiah schools us on ISIS and its role in end times according to Scripture.

He also devotes a chapter to Russia–and isn’t it fascinating how we hadn’t heard much from the former superpower for a while now, but of late, Russia is all the talk on our 24/7 media.

Finally, like Hal Lindsey did in LATE GREAT, Jeremiah discusses the Rapture and the Translation Before the Tribulation, which focuses on what will happen, according to Pre-Tribulational Premillenialism (what the LEFT BEHIND series hypothesizes) to true believers in the very final days of life as we know it.

As a theologically conservative Lutheran, I know we, instead, embrace Amillenialism, but I can’t help but hope for the Rapture, nonetheless, dipping out before the really awful stuff starts to happen.

This book will instruct and awe its readers. I am absolutely blown away by some of what I learned therein. And it is all based in Scripture. 

If you want to know how Islam and Christianity share some of the same parts of Scripture, and yet differ so radically, check out this book. It all goes back to Abraham and Sarah. And the other woman with whom Abraham fathered a child, since he and his wife had grown so old and still remained childless.

Like Hal Lindsey’s book, there are genealogies from the Old Testament, and maps and diagrams.

This book will answer a lot of questions you may have about current events and the Book of Revelations, as well as Old Testament prophecy.

I actually wrote in the margins of this book “MIND BLOWN” numerous times.

I highly recommend you pick this book up and share it with your loved ones.

In closing, if you look around at what’s going on in our country and our culture and you’re not concerned, you’re not paying close enough attention.

Fortunately, God has your back–if you ask him into your heart and life.

Thanks for reading,foxy

Susan J. Anderson

Foxy Writer Chick


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