Free-Write Friday: Five Prompts – March

Need to entice your muse before you tackle that novel or new project? Want to get your creative on to kick off your weekend?

Pick your poison and start free-writing. Remember, don’t censor yourself. The idea with freewriting is to just let your mind wander and write like the house is on fire.

Write about the chains that bind you…



A visitor arrives at dusk… (or you are the visitor)



These are special mushrooms…161003130534-09-wild-free-niki-boon-restricted-super-169

She led a double-edged life…



Locked in or locked out?



Best wishes for a productive, writerly weekend with your muse.

Thanks for stopping by,foxy

S.J. Anderson, Foxy Writer Chick



Picture Credits: Elizabeth Raab  @N08/Ominous Door (Patrick Brede) Tags: door blackandwhite bw santacruz night contrast fence dark

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